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OnLoad Implementation Checklist
OnLoad Implementation Checklist

The required steps to successfully install and utilize OnLoad.

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NOTICE: These instructions are applicable to customers utilizing the OnLoad features only.


To utilize OnLoad as a TMS and DMS system, it is important to recognize that OnLoad offers an in-house administrative dashboard and app-based solutions for both drivers and administrators.

To effectively prepare for system use, the following is suggested:

  1. Create a list of all logistics coordinators and dispatchers within all company operations.

  2. Create a list of all company trucks and trailers.

  3. Create a list of all company drivers and owner-operators within all company operations.

  4. Create a list of all customer locations that business can/or is being conducted in.

  5. Create a list of all company customers (i.e. shippers, brokers).

  6. Assign the users to pay rates, contact information (i.e. email, phone number), specific departments, supervisors, and user permissions.

Create applicable settings based upon company policies such as:

  1. Real-Time Load Dispatch

  2. Real-Time Fleet Tracking

  3. Real-Time Load Updates

  4. Real-Time Asset Scheduling

  5. Rate Confirmation Visibility

  6. Driver Settlements Visibility

  7. Overall Visibility for Users - Administrators/Drivers

Note any necessary integrations that may be required with OnLoad (i.e. KeepTruckin’ ELD, WEX Fuel Cards).


To utilize OnLoad, you will need to send an invitation to company administrators (i.e. dispatcher, logistics managers) and drivers (i.e. owner-operators) to download the OnLoad application.

The “welcome email” that users receive will highlight the instructions necessary to log in to their respective accounts and set credentials.

Note: As an administrator, you are able to reset passwords, resend invitations and disable users.

Make sure to instruct users to download the OnLoad application on either the Google Play Store or App Store.

User Walkthrough (Administrator)

User Walkthrough (Driver)

The user will receive a “welcome email” which will highlight the instructions necessary to log in to their respective account and set login credentials.

After this, they will be instructed to download the OnLoad application on either the Google Play Store or App Store.

Once the app has been downloaded. The user will see “upcoming loads”, which they accept or reject accordingly.

Once the load has been accepted, the administrator will be notified and the load will be shifted to “current loads”.

The “current loads” screen will display basic information such as Load Status, Starting Location, Pickup Appointment and Date, Ending Location, Drop-Off Appointment and Date, Number of Stops, Weight, and Trailer Type.

To view more, simply expand by clicking “Open”. This will display full load details for your next stop (details for other stops within the load will be hidden).

To review information such as the PU Number and more, click on “Details”.

To review the attached documents for the load, click on “Documents”, and “Chats” for comments from the administrator.

To upload mandatory BOLS/PODS go to "Stops" and click "Upload Documents" to submit paperwork for that stop and reveal further load information.

Once the BOLS/PODS have been uploaded for all stops and the load has been completed. The user will need to press "submit" for approval from the administrator.

Submissions & Administrator Approval

Once loads have been submitted, the administrator will be able to approve or reject each load respectively.

For rejected loads, comments will be attached which will list the necessary fixtures needed for documents submitted.

If the load is accepted, it will be processed further for invoicing.

All load statuses after completion will be visible on “past loads”.


  • Completed all the instructions under "Planning".

  • Gave instructions for Installation to users.

  • Reviewed User Walkthrough for Drivers and Administrators.

  • Reviewed Submissions & Administrator Approval.

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