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Frequently asked questions regarding OnLoad.

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NOTICE: These FAQs are specific to OnLoad ONLY.

  1. What packages are available for OnLoad?

    1. Visit the OnLoad Pricing Page (Currently in BETA)

  2. Are the features actually real-time?

    1. Yes, they are. OnLoad is a mobile solution that provides real-time updates for its trucking customers. Some of our real-time features are:

      • Real-Time Load Dispatch

      • Real-Time Fleet Tracking

      • Real-Time Load Updates

      • Real-Time Asset Scheduling

      Learn more about OnLoad.

  3. Why can’t I see the next stop’s load information?

    1. We recognize that there can be a lot of details for trucking shipments. That’s why we’ve limited driver view on receiving in-depth details for the next stop until the previous stop has been completed.

      However, drivers will still be able to see information such as Pickup Location, Pickup Date and Time, Drop-Off Location, Drop-Off Date and Time, Number of Stops, Weight, and Trailer Type.

      *Addresses are not visible til full-stop completion*

  4. Are document uploads mandatory per stop?

    1. Yes, all document uploads are mandatory per stop. Regardless of the document type, to ensure efficiency each stop requires the proper paperwork to be uploaded.

  5. Do you have driver settlement sheets?

    1. Yes, OnLoad provides driver settlement sheets for drivers. Payment details are available on the “Details” tab on each load summary.

  6. What if I accidentally accept or reject a load assigned to me?

    1. Contact your administrator to have them reassign the load.

  7. How do I view previously completed loads and payment status?

    1. Filter by the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the app. Click on “Past Loads” and view previously submitted loads with current statuses on invoice and payment.

  8. If the load I submitted was rejected, what are my next steps?

    1. View the comments associated with the load, make the requested changes and resubmit to the administrator for approval.

  9. Does OnLoad drain phone battery?

    1. Battery usage can be increased more than normal, however, to preserve battery life limit background app use.

  10. How much data does OnLoad use?

    1. OnLoad uses a very small amount of cellular data, typically less than 10 MB per month. For more information, visit help center Data Usage.

  11. If I have more questions, where can I learn more about OnLoad?

    1. To learn more about OnLoads specifics, visit

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